My name is Shivani, I am 23 years old and I am from the beautiful city of Durban in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.  My passion for make up is what drove me to start this blog. Being Indian and growing up with Indian parents, they expected nothing else but for me to study hence my creative side, which flowed during my youth, was stifled in adolescence. But I never let it go I always tried to tap into it now and then through reading, writing poetry or dancing. I have always loved the arts and was mesmerized by music and dance, well I still am, I would love to learn to play and instrument or take up either classical or modern Indian dance but I think fear is holding me back.

There are a lot of beauty blogs out there which I am sure each all have their own attributes however in reading a lot of blogs, I have found that not a lot cater to indian girls with medium to dark skin tones, which I have. Being indian and of a darker skin tone is always difficult to find make up that works properly because of my golden (yellow) undertones. So I hope that this blog will help a lot of girls with their makeup woes.

In writing a blog I am putting myself out there in a way that I have never have before but I hope that my blog helps people so that they are able to improve their lives or maybe just learn something new.

I don’t claim to know all about everything that I post but these are my thoughts and opinions and the research that I have done when looking into a product or brand so if your opinion differs then you do you boo, I have respect for that. Everyone has different needs and wants in products and sometimes mine will differ to yours.

So I hope that you enjoy it

Stay Glam XOXO