Clarins Double Serum

Hi  My Angels

Many of you must have picked up the Cosmopolitan local blogger issue. I think it released around March / April. I happened to pick up this issue and inside there was a tiny little sample size of the Clarins Double Serum along with a write up of all the great things that this serum  does for your skin. What caught my attention and intrigued me the most was the fact that this serum contained turmeric extract and bring Indian, we all know how much our mothers would rave about the stuff.  So I figured why not give it a shot.

I can definitely say that when I used this sample, it felt amazing on my skin and was really hydrating and nourishing and the smell is so yummy (it smells nothing like other Clarins products which usually have that powdery floral kinda smell) which made me want to purchase the full size.

So I hopped on to the Clarins website to check the price and I was in shock. This serums retail price was definitely up there, it retailed for a whopping R 860 for 30ml and R1160 for 50ml. Somehow my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to purchase it to see what difference it made to my skin.

DSC_0154 (1)

I picked up the 30ml. I have used almost half of the bottle now and its lasted about 2 months now. I only use this product in the morning as I use my Dr Dermal IntenCE antioxidant plasma at night. What I like about this  product is that you can customise the amount of product that you want dispensed so I generally use less in the morning and more at night (if I do use it at night). I was also intrigued as this year I will be 25 and I wanted to investigate an anti aging serum seeing that prevention is better than cure.

What Clarins promises this product will do:

  • The skin is firmed
  • Wrinkles are visibly smoothed
  • Radiance and evenness are restored to the complexion
  • Pores are diminished
  • Fights signs of aging

The product itself is super lightweight on the skin and the consistency is a mixture of an oil and a serum which sinks in amazingly into the skin. Used alone as a serum it makes my skin feel super smooth and very hydrated, I love how my skin feels using this especially now in winter where my skin tends to lean on the drier side. This product give the skin a beautiful luminosity and gives that glow from within look about, which is why I love mixing this serum into my foundations. It makes my skin look incredible and the foundation looks super natural and my skin looks healthy.

However all that being said, I didn’t notice an overall improvement to my skin, my pores remained the same size and the texture was the same regardless of whether I used the serum or not. The only noticeable difference is when the serum is being added to my foundation and the hydration that it gives.

The question is would I repurchase this serum?  The answer: No, not at the moment. The reason being is that  I am hooked onto the Dr Dermal serums and my skin is not responding to the Clarins serum other than the hydration. I think that once I hit my thirties I will definitely consider this serum as apart of my skincare routine.

I think that if you are in your thirties this is a good serum to look into if you are willing to pay the price.

Until the next one my loves


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