Setting Spray Collection

Hi My Angels

So I know that I have not released a blog in a while, life got in the way unfortunately, well that and the fact that I am the procrastination queen. So for todays blog, I decided to keep it quite simple. But next week I have a blog post that most of you will be excited about.

Setting sprays have made such a huge difference to my makeup routine, it makes my skin look flawless and takes away the cakiness and dryness that I usually getting after putting on my makeup.  The below are my picks for good setting sprays:

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Facial Mist

DSC_0301 (1)

This is first setting spray/ facial mist that I used and still love until now, I use this when I want a light mist of hydration to the skin or if I am wearing light makeup then this is what I opt for. I even took this mist on a holiday to India and would continue to spritz my face throughout the day. This is a beautiful and affordable facial mist, I wouldn’t call it a setting spray because it does not pro long my makeup. But definitely worth checking out.

You can read more here.

Price: R140 for 100ml

KiKi Beauty Rose Dew Setting Spray

DSC_0305 (1)

Now this was a newer find for me. It is no hidden secret about my love affair with KiKi, every single one of their products work incredibly and this is undoubtablely one of them.  I  actually didn’t realize how much of this I used. I am really impressed with this product, not only is the scent amazing but the mist is super fine and disperses evenly. This also does an amazing job of setting my makeup and takes away my cakiness and dryness. This can also be used during the day for that burst of hydration.

Price: R245 for 100ml

MAC Prep and Prime Fix +

DSC_0297 (1)

This has to be a classic product. Everybody knows about Mac Fix +, it hydrates and sets your makeup like nothing else can. I won’t go on too much about this product because we all know how amazing it works.  I don’t know what is in fix + but it makes my skin look incredible. I am also eager to try out the new scents of this product that just released.

Price: R320 for 100ml

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

DSC_0308 (1)

This is most expensive setting spray that I own but I can see why everyone raves about it. This is definitely a spray that makes your makeup look incredible but also prolongs the wear of it. I also noticed that in the hot summer months if I used this setting spray then my makeup wouldn’t break down as much. This product is truly worth every penny especially in the Durban heat.

Price: R450 for 100ml

Thats all from me my loves

Until my next one


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