Wet n Wild Collection Part 2

Hi My Angels

Welcome to Part 2 of my Wet n Wild collection and of course I have saved the best for last. This is all about the complexion products from Wet n Wild. Now this company has really stepped up the drugstore game in America and have slowly been increasing their game here in South Africa…..

Hi My Angels

Welcome to Part 2 of my Wet n Wild collection and of course I have saved the best for last. This is all about the complexion products from Wet n Wild. Now this company has really stepped up the drugstore game in America and have slowly been increasing their game here in South Africa however I do feel that in terms of shade range they can step it up a lot more seeing as we have so many skin tones and they offer such a limited range here in South Africa. Btw did I mention that they are cruelty free? This is an added bonus.

Now most of the products that I have tried have worked amazing for me and my skin tone so please bare in mind that these may or may not work for you:

Photo Focus concealer

As mentioned the shade range on these products are not that great. There are only four concealer shades in total and I have tried two. The shades I picked up were light/medium and medium tawny. The other two shades were light ivory and medium peach. Now from the swatches you can tell that the shades that I picked up are very light for my skin tone yet I make them work for me. I use light/medium for a very highlighted look when I am really going all out with my makeup. I usually have to colour correct before using this shade as it can make you look grey. The shade medium tawny is a shade lighter than my skin tone and I like to use it mixed in with my Mac prolong wear NC45 as it makes it my perfect match. The formulation of this product is truly beautiful. It is a very thick concealer so if you aren’t a fan of thick concealer this may not work for you but if you are then it is amazing. This is a full coverage concealer however it blends like a dream and does look skin like. However I really wish that they would expand their shade range

Price: R64,95

Megaglo contouring pallete

This is a powder highlight and contour pallet in the shade caramel toffee. This is for medium to deep skin tones. This pallete as you can see has been well loved and I have already hit pan on the bronzer shade. These powders are amazing and are super pigmented. However the bronzer shade works amazingly for my skin tone I feel that it won’t work as great for my deeper skin tone ladies. The amount of product that you get for the price is incredible value. There is also a light to medium pallete called Dulce de leche that has a much cooler contour and highlight shade and is perfect for lighter skin tones. This pallet I feel is the perfect pallet for a beginner in makeup

Price: R129,95

Photo Focus pressed powder

This is a pressed powder that has a lovely velvet feel to it. I have it in the shade golden tan which seems to be a good match for my skin tone. As mentioned before there is such a limited shade range that finding your shade might be difficult but if you are keen to try this powder perhaps using this powder in a lighter shade to set the parts of the face that you have highlighted will be the best way to use it. I use this powder to set my makeup and so far I have no complaints about it. The feel on the skin is very lightweight and is not so drying. It almost reminds me of the Mac Mineralized powder in medium deep which is a holy grail for me however I feel like the Mac powder does magic to my skin when I use it because it makes it look flawless. But if Mac is out of the budget then this is a great alternative if you can find your shade.

Price: R89,95

Color Icon Blush

I think I bought this blush after watching Tati rave about how amazing it is. I have the shade pearlesant pink which I thought would look good on my skin, the other shades in the range I felt were too light for my skin tone. I have to say that it is a beautiful blush but on my skin tone it shows up as a natural peachy pink with a hint of shimmer which I don’t mind because I am not a fan of heavy blush. I prefer to use it on my more natural days when I want a beautiful glow to my cheeks. If you are a natural makeup girl then this blush will be perfect for you because you wont need any highlight. The formulation of this blush is very soft and blends amazing on the cheeks. I think if you are lighter or the same skin tone as me then you will really enjoy this blush but unfortunately this wont really show up on darker skin girls.

Price: R79.95

Megaglo Highlighting powder

I had to save the best for last of course. This is the highlighting powder in the shade precious petals which is a beautiful champagne highlighter. This highlighter is legit the bomb dot com and has become my favourite highlighter in such a short span of time. This highlighter will look amazing on every single skin tone which makes me love it even more. Another thing I love about this highlighter is that it super creamy and blends like dream on the skin. It can be used with a fan brush or a highlighting brush. The way that I prefer using it is with a domed highlighting brush I like to press this onto the skin where I am going to highlight and then once its pressed in then I swipe the product over the pressed in product and this the most natural yet highlighted look and the more you swipe on the more exaggerated it becomes. I can definitely compare this product to high end highlighters that I own and can say that this formulation is way creamier and for the price that it is, it is a definite bang for your buck. If you see this in any Clicks store, I suggest that you grab it and don’t look back.

Price: R99,95

I hope you lovelies have enjoyed this series. You can check out Part 1 here if you missed it.

Until my next one

Stay Glam


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