Colorpop collection

Hi My Angels

So I know that this post is up a little bit later than normal, I just had a ton of work to catch up with so now that that is over, I can finally settle down and write this post.

As many of you know by now, Colorpop is a very affordable brand in America but yet the quality of the products are very high end. Now unfortunately its not readily available in South Africa but they do ship to South Africa if you are willing to pay customs, now there are a lot of 3rd party sellers available online and the products retail quite cheap so which ever way you chose the products are affordable.

Now I haven’t bought a lot of Colorpop products but the few that I have tried have been amazing with the exception of one.

Colorpop Liquid Lipsticks

The first shade, I had recieved in a pretty little things box, this is matte formulation which I absolutely hate, yes its a strong word but I hate how crunchy and dry this makes my lips feel and look. I honestly don’t suggest purchasing this formulation at all. High ball is very vibrant shade but since I don’t like the formulation, I never use it.

The Liquid lipsticks that I had bought myself are  Frick n Frack which is a beautiful peachy brown and Baracuda which is a mauvy burgendy shade. These are both liquid satins which is a great formulation and very comfortable on the lips which I adore. Not to mention they are long lasting.

Colorpop pressed eyeshadows

DSC_0082 (1)
Top to bottem: Come and get it, Top Notch and Stay Golden
DSC_0100 (1)

These three eyeshadows have become my favourite eyeshadows in my collection. I absolutely adore how pigmented and easy they are to blend. I highly recommend that you pick up a few of these or get one of the Colorpop pallets because these are incredible. Colorpop also has an incredible shade range to chose from so you will always find something.

I hope that you guys have an amazing week ahead.

Until my next one

Stay Glam XOXO

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