Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Pallet Review

Hi My Angels

So this a going to be a short and sweet review. The ABH modern renaissance pallet is absolute cult classic and there is a review on this pallet on every Youtubers channel but I still decided that I would add my own two cents for what its worth.

DSC_0021 (1)

Now from the time I laid eyes on this pallet, I fell hardcore in love. Every single colour spoke to me and I knew that I had to have this pallet no matter what. This pallet is a collectors item and it was supposed to be limited edition however due to the sales, ABH has kept it on.

DSC_0018 (1)

I did shop around for this pallet to ensure that I got the best price, the going rate for this pallet is around R1000 which is a lot of money to blow in one go for anyone but I did come across la boutique which is an instagram account that sells authentic international makeup in South Africa. What made them different is that they allowed me to make a deposit for the pallet and then pay the rest the following month which I thought was great as it allowed me to budget myself accordingly. They also charged me R60 for shipping so in total I paid R1060.

DSC_0029 (1)

Now as expected, this pallet is amazing. The eye shadows are so soft and buttery and are highly pigmented. A little bit of eye shadow goes a long way and I don’t have pack on a lot of colour to get it to show up on my eyelid. I love everything from the velvet packaging to the colour and even the shade range. However as you will notice that some colours don’t swatch as great as they should on my skin tone but on the eyes, they are amazing. I absolutely adore this pallet and highly recommend it if these colours speak to you. If its out of your price range but you are willing to save up to get it then a deposit system is best for you.

Top Row:

Second Row:

Until the next one my loves

Stay Glam XOXO


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