Selfie Light SA

Hi my Angels

I hope that you are having a wonderful week. I am on my way to get pedi’s done with my mummy (it’s her birthday this week so bring on the spoils). Its officially Spring and personally I have mixed feelings about this season. I love the weather at this time of the year its warm and you can wear what you want without the sweaty stickiness that summer brings but on the other end there is the sinus issues. My allergy girls know the struggle of constantly sneezing, leaky noses and itchy eyes, girls I feel you it’s not fun.

Anyway I bet you are all intrigued by the title of this post. So becoming a blogger wasn’t an easy transition for me. I had the content but I didn’t realize the amount of background work that actually went into it. I, all of a sudden, became a one woman social hub, photographer, marketer, blogger and management team almost overnight and to be honest it was definitely something I needed to wrap my head around.

Once I had a game plan and all my boxes ticked I really just slid into the groove of things, I found my pattern and my own unique structure to doing things. This helped me plan my blog according to the way that I wanted ( I am still learning though, so some tips are appreciated  ☺). However, my struggle was still with the process of taking my blog pics. For me, photography is my get away, I love taking my photos when I am in a clear head space as it allows my creative side to go wild but this is difficult when I get home from work, my mind is not relaxed after a long day and I need at least two hours to get it back into a decent state and by that time the sun is almost set and I have little to no natural light left to take pictures.

Now the obvious route is for me to get some lighting but your girl just set herself back almost R8000 buying a new DSLR camera there was no way I could possibly afford to fork out another R2000- R5000 just on lighting because yes it is that expensive. So when I found Selfie Light SA I was like thank the high heavens for this company.

Selfie Light SA is a local company that sells selfie ring lights, tripods and light up vanity mirrors. I had initially saw a post about the company on instagram and was quite intrigued because I didn’t just see the product as a way to amp up my selfie game but as a mini ring light for my product shots. I managed to finally purchase the Selfie Light Pro on its clearance sale at R360 including shipping (was R450). This is when I reached out to the company and they were sweet enough to send me Selfie Light for free which I now use to amp up my product shots with extra lighting.  These retail at R300 and are super cute and travel friendly.

DSC_0149 (1)

The Selfie Light Pro which I had purchased has 3 different settings which I demonstrate in a video here. I also tried to take a few makeup pics and product shots to show the subtle differences in the lighting which I hope that you can see. The one thing that makes this product so unique is that it has a USB charger so no changing of batteries yay!


In summary this is a great product that has really helped with my blog pictures and is perfect for those that want to enhance their pictures or selfies.  Be sure to check them out at and @selfielightsa on instagram.

Stay Glam XOXO

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