Current Favourites- August 2017

Hi my Angels

Over the past months, I have found and used a lot of different products. I love trying and testing new products to see if they are great or not. I always have my eyes peeled for new products on the shelves or online. Some products have become my holy grail items and others I love and continue to use whereas some just don’t meet the mark for me and I have to get rid of them.

Todays post is dedicated to the products that I love and noticed that I constantly reach for. I have also included some lifestyle, body and Fashion Favourites. So keep reading to find out what they are.


The Essence Lash Princess Mascara (Purple Tube)

DSC_0132 (1)

This was a recent find for me. I had previously tried the green tube in the range and it was an okay mascara but it never did anything great for my lashes so I never thought too much about trying the others. But it was after watching a Sanesh Makeup youtube video where she was raving about the purple tube that I thought that maybe I should give this a shot and OMG I am so glad that I did. I have horrible lashes, they are short and straight and nothing makes them hold a curl in a hurry but with this mascara, I get everything that I want. I get length, volume and a beautiful curl with this mascara that actually holds. I am so glad that I picked this up, its affordable and it works.

Price: R64,95

OFRA Liquid Lipsticks

DSC_0096 (1)

These have to be my all time favourite high end liquid lippies. The formulation of these are beautiful and last extremely long on the lips. They dry down very matte as well. The shades that I have are Mocha and Cape Town. Mocha is a beautiful light pink on my skin tone and Cape Town is a very berry shade that really amps up any look.

These are my go to lippies. The formulation is whipped and lightweight and they last almost the entire day. I originally bought Mocha from Samika Store, this was on sale and I got it for R240. Cape Town, however I purchased straight from the Ofra website on one of their sales. They sell for R320 normally but I picked it up for R260. I am dying to try their highlighters, they look so beautiful and creamy hopefully I will be able to pick them up on one of their promotions. The shade that I am eyeing to purchase next is Americano which is a beautiful deep brown shade.

The Body Shop Clarifying Tea Tree foundation

DSC_0107 (1)

I am not going to harp on about this foundation because I mention my love for it in my last post. But I really adore the way this looks on my skin and the feel of it. It lasts long without getting very greasy and breaking down. The foundation is very affordable and also travel friendly which I love. You can read more about it here.

Price: R150

The below items, I had received in the Pretty little things subscription box at the beginning of August and they slowly became my favourites. These are only the few items that became my favourite.

Pink Cosmetics Lip Scrub

DSC_0091 (1)

This lip scrub is amazing and has made me realize my need for lip scrubs again. I have very dry lips and constantly seek some sort of moisturization for them, now the build-up of dead skin and product can cause lips to become rough and dry out faster. I used to use the Hey Gorgeous lip scrub but I found that they granules were too large and never really exfoliated my lips properly. I, then received this scrub and Oh My Word, Life Changed! This is an all-natural sugar lip scrub with a delicious caramel flavour. The granules are super fine which exfoliates my lips and leaves them super smooth. The thing I love most about this scrub is that it’s tempting enough eat but you can actually eat it because it’s all natural- and yes it tastes amazing too ( I almost ate the jar of it but held back)

Price: R70

The Balm Cosmetics- Mary Lou-minizer

DSC_0111 (1)

I was so excited when I received this, I had always wanted to try this product. It’s a beautiful champagne highlighter that gives your skin a luminous finish to the skin. I adore this highlighter as it gives the skin a natural glow but can also be layered for that super highlighted look. This is the perfect shade for my skin tone. It makes my skin look amazing on bare skin and gives that lit from within look.

Price: R370

The Ordinary Primer

DSC_0101 (1)

This was my first time trying something from The Ordinary. I was pleasantly surprized with this primer. It is very moisturizing on the skin but blurs my skin and refines my pores. I always feel like my makeup sets better when I use this primer. I love the way it makes my skin feel as well, it feels soft and hydrated. A little of this product truly goes a long way and a pea size amount is enough to cover my entire face. This primer can be used under makeup or as a last step in your skincare routine. I have tried it both ways and love it. When I use it on my bare face it gives my skin a lovely velvety feel which looks blurred. I will definitely repurchase this primer once it is finished.

Price on Samika store: R230


Bio Oil

DSC_0124 (1)

This is a classic product. I have used it for many years in a lot of different ways. I used it for stretch marks during my puberty phase as well as for some scarring that I had. I then started using this as a facial oil a few years ago which helped repair my skin from the state it was in. I recently started using it as a full body oil for the past few months as my skin has become super dry in the winter months. I apply this everywhere on my body. I know that some people complain that this oil is too thick and takes too long to absorb into the skin but I haven’t experienced this. I absolutely adore this stuff and will always have a bottle of it somewhere.

Price at Dischem: R72,95 for 60ml

R104,95 for R125ml

R177,95 for 200ml

Oh So Heavenly Bubble Balm

DSC_0088 (1)

I love this lip balm. I struggled to find a good hydrating lip balm for my dessert, dry lips. After finding this, I haven’t looked at anything else. Everything from the scent to the formulation and even the packaging is amazing. My favourite is the vanilla cupcake flavour. I have even got the boyfriend hooked on this lip balm. I usually stock up on these when Clicks have their 3 for 2 sales on Oh so heavenly products.

Price: R32,95

Favourite Apps


I recently signed up for Netflix. I signed up for the $11,99 plan which is roughly around R150p/m depending on the exchange rate which I think is really affordable considering that I can watch all my favourite shows and movies. I have even started watching series that I never thought that I would watch. My new find is Shadowhunters: Mortal Instruments. I love that I can find new series when all my other series that I follow are on a season break or hiatus. The quality in this plan is in ultra HD and HD it’s definitely worth it.


This was a new find for me. Audible is a website that has audio books for purchase. Depending on the plan that you purchase you get free credits. This plan that I am on is $14.99 which is R195. This is a little pricey considering that you only get 1 credit per month. The reason that I love Audible is that I get to experience my favourite books with someone reading it to me. It is truly an engaging and relaxing experience to be able to close my eyes and image the story happening in my head. My favourite books are the Harry Potter books and once I have collected all seven, I will most likely discontinue my subscription. But I have been loving this app because it makes a great little app to travel with as well. I usually plug this book in once I get onto the plane and then sit back, relax and enjoy.


I am not one to keep up with fashion trends. I prefer clothes that suit my body and are comfortable. But the recent cold shoulder trend caught my attention. This top from Cotton on is beautiful and so comfortable. I love how comfy and feminine the top looks as well. The colour as well really compliments my skin tone. Just loving this top.

Price: R499

So my loves that sums up a few of my favourites for this month.

Let me know what you are loving in the comments and what you would like to see in an upcoming posts

Stay Glam XOXO

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