The Body Shop Product Loves and Misses – Part 4 Body Care + Bonus Tips and Review

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This is my last for my Body Shop series and I am quite sad to let it end. However this last post is filled with something a little extra unlike my other posts, you could say that I saved the best for last. I have tried a few body care items from The Body Shop and have loved every single thing that I have tried. This is what the brand is known for. They have a large variety of flavours and scents for every person whether you are a floral or fruity kinda girl.

The Body Shop offers body care from everything from shower gels to body butters. They have a vast range of products. The few that I have tried have been amazing.


The Body Butters

I tried a quite a few of the Body Shop butters. Each one has different purpose, so you need to choose the one that suits your skin type.


Moroccan Argan Oil Body Butter

I have dry sensitive skin so the first body butter that I chose was the Moroccan Argan Oil Body Butter for very dry skin. This body butter was very stiff to work with and would cause pilling on my skin and make it feel hard, yet I found a way to make it work. I would leave my skin slightly damp after I had a shower and then apply it to my skin. This made the body butter a lot more creamy and easier to apply. My verdict is that this took too much work in the mornings and was a bit too thick for all year use.


DSC_0200 (1)

Pina Colada Body Butter

Next I bought the limited edition Pina Colada body butter, this was the perfect consistency for my skin. It was hydrating and very whipped and creamy. Not to mention the smell was incredible, every morning I looked forward to being transported to an island paradise because of its coconutty, pineapple goodness. I think I went through 2 tubs of the stuff. They only issue that I had with this body butter was number 1, it was limited edition so it was only available for a few months and number 2, this product left a weird taste in my mouth- Literally. For some reason whenever I applied this body butter to my skin and then if I touched my face after this, there would be a weird alcoholic taste left on my lips which I overlooked because I loved the smell of the product. The way that I got around this was to wash my hands after applying this body butter.


Almond Milk and Honey Body Butter

The third Body butter that I tried was the Almond Milk and Honey for dry and sensitive skin. This body butter ticked all the boxes for me, it’s perfect for my skin type, it has the same whipped and creamy texture that the Pina Colada one had and it smells great without tasting weird. This is what I am currently using and loving and will continue to use seeing that it is a permanent range. I have gone through like 3 tubs of this stuff in a few months that’s how much I love it .


Price: R170


The Body Scrubs

DSC_0191 (1)

I have only tried two body scrubs from the Body Shop. The first was the Moroccan Argan Body Oil body scrub. This was a really nice body scrub, it was rough enough to exfoliate my body and leave it feeling soft and smooth and also left my skin feeling nourished. The scrub was more gel based rather than cream based. Really nothing to complain about this scrub, it was good but it wasn’t really great and left me feeling like I needed to try something else.


The other scrub that I tried is from the same range as the Almond Milk and Honey range. I love this scrub it’s very creamy and granular and leaves my skin feeling like a baby. This scrub is very moisturizing and smells incredible. I always feel like I had a mini spa treatment when I get out the shower after using this.


Price: R170 for 200ml

R190 for 250ml


Bonus Review

So like I said my post has a little something extra, I bought these two products after I had already decided on what to include in the makeup posts. Plus I needed some time to really try these products to give it a fair review. These products are brand new and were released at the beginning of August.


The Tea Tree Matte Clay Clarifying Foundation

I tried this foundation in multiple ways and each way I really enjoyed it. This is a really beautiful foundation, it dries down matte and very skin like. I love how natural this foundation looks and feels. It layers very well and you can easily get a full coverage look from this foundation. There are only 9 shades in this foundation range which I hope that they will expand in the future. The thing with this foundation is that I was able to find my perfect match but it happens to be the second last shade in the range. This is not good for my darker skin ladies as there is not much of a range catered towards them, in fact there is not much of a range for Indian skin tones either. However I love this foundation and it gives such great results for such an affordable price.


Price: R 150 for 30ml


The Body Shop Beauty Sponge

DSC_0204 (1)

This sponge looked promising but it was an epic fail for me. I truly wanted to love it but I just couldn’t for many reasons. Firstly this sponge didn’t feel like a typical makeup sponge, it felt more like a stress ball. Also when I dampend the sponge, there was a foam of some sort coming out of it, no matter how much a squeezed out the sponge. I don’t know if this was just mine or did anyone else experience the same thing? After I had wet it, I attempted to use it on my face to blend in some foundation and well as expected, it was a complete disaster resulting in me washing my face and reapplying my makeup again. The sponge blended the foundation unevenly and blotchy because it soaked up so much of the product. Also it left my face feeling really sticky and weird because of that foamy stuff. It seems very affordable and worth the buy but in my opinion spend R10 more and go for the Cala beauty sponge from Dischem.


Price: R60


Bonus Tips and Tricks

Definitely saved the best for last, these are my tips and tricks that I use when going to The Body Shop. I think that these can be used in order to really pin point the product that is best suited for you.


1.Know your skin type

Knowing your skin type is essential if you are going to be purchasing any skin care for that matter not just at The Body Shop but I find that it particularly helps to narrow down the range of products that are on offer to you. Also it helps you to avoid breakouts. I, for example, used to think that I had oily skin on my face when in actual fact I have combination, dry skin. So I used to use products that mattified my face which resulted in dry patches and breakouts. Even for body care, you need to know what your skin needs so that you can feed it the right amount of nourishment it needs. Let me know if you would like me to do an in depth post on this.


2. Save your cash

The Body Shop is great when it comes to saving money. They have very affordable products to start off with, which in comparison to high-end products so you are saving your cash in that way. But they also have other ways such as their sales. The Body Shop have the most amazing sales such as their 3 for 2 sales on certain products and also percentage off product sales. These sales will allow you to save some money on the spending of your products. In addition to this The Body Shop have a loyalty membership that is free to sign up with and basically the more you spend, the more you receive in vouchers one a month to spend. So if you use these vouchers along with in store promotions then you will have added savings. Lastly, and this is one of my favourite ways to save, is through Standard Banks Ucount loyalty program which is affiliated with The Body Shop. Basically your Ucount card can be swiped to value of the points earned and that acts as another voucher in a way. So when all 3 are in play, that being a sale, voucher and Ucount points, then you are getting your products at next to nothing which is great for a girl on a budget.


3. Research your product

I know for me personally, when I walk into a store that I know nothing about I feel very overwhelmed. There are so many products and not to mention the sales reps that want to sell you everything, it is essential that you don’t give in and buy products on a whim. Although The Body Shop girls are very friendly and have a vast range of information on the products, you need to make the decision that’s best for you and your needs. You are the only one that knows what your body needs, I can’t emphasize that enough. This is why my first tip is to know your skin type because once you know this then nobody can make you buy something that will not work or that you do not need. If you are armed with this knowledge then you can proceed to research a few of the ranges online at and narrow it down to a few ranges that you want to try or enquire about. This will help the sales girls and you to establish what is the best products for you and your skin type.


4. Samples

Now once you have established the range or two that you wish to try, you can go to The Body Shop and ask the girls for a sample. The Body Shop are really great when it comes to testers and samples. They offer testers for almost everything. If you are asking for a sample, then don’t keep going back for samples, the girls will notice. I think actually purchase an item and then ask for a sample on something, it allows for them to know that you are not just there for a freebie. Another and easier option is if the product works then go back and actually buy the product otherwise if it doesn’t then go back and perhaps speak to one of the girls and let her know that you had come in before and ask for another sample. I think what I am trying to get at is that The Body Shop is great when it comes to samples but don’t take advantage as the girls do notice.


This is the end of Part 4 of The Body Shop series. I hope that you all enjoyed everything. If you missed out on the posts then you can check them out below.


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Please let me know in the comments if you would like to me do another series like this and if you have enjoyed this one. Until the next one.

Stay Glam XOXO

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