The Body Shop Product Loves and Misses – Part 3 More Makeup

Hi my Angels

This is part 3 of my Body shop loves and misses. I hope that you are enjoying this series so far. I have bought a lot of makeup from The body Shop, needless to say that I am a makeupaholic if such a thing even exists. But I love trying and playing with new makeup.

So when The body Shop started coming out with a whole new makeup range. I had to try it out for myself. Now I am self-proclaimed walking encyclopedia for The body Shop and I absolutely love what they stand for which is cruelty free, natural makeup, skin care and body care.

So last week we touched on make up so lets continue.

The Eyeshadow Palettes

These palettes are quite unique in the sense that the colours are interchangeable which makes it great for travel you can mix and match colours based on a desired look or shade range you may need. The actual shade range is quite vast from natural colours to deep blues and greens as well as they have a variety of textures from glitters to mattes.

The quality of the shadows depend on the shades themselves. Some are more pigmented than others but it has its benefits if you are a newbie to makeup as you don’t have to be so delicate with the shadows. They blend very easily but they also can be used along with Mac Fix + or a setting spray to amp up the pigmentation (I recommend the Vitamin E  Hydrating Mist – see part 2). I like these when I am looking for something easy to use that doesn’t require much effort. A great thing about these palettes is that when you purchase four or more singles you get the quad or large palette free.

Price: Large Palette R600

4 Quad Palette R400

Single shadow R95

The Shimmer Waves

I purchased this from The Body Shop India when I was on holiday. It was on sale at the time when I picked it up. I was actually looking forward to using this product as I heard great reviews about it. From the reviews I have seen people use it as a highlight as well as a blush topper and it looked amazing. But that wasn’t the case with the one that I got. I think I may have got a bad one because mine was very chalky and hard. I really had to press into the product to get any result that I desired so this was a little bit of a miss.

Price R275

The Contour Kit

The Body Shop recently released their new face contour kits. These look exactly like the 4 Quad eyeshadow palettes except that the colours are catered towards contour, highlight and blush. There are 2 options in the range for different skin tones, one is for light to medium and the other is for medium to deep. I picked the medium to deep option for my skin tone and was pleasantly surprised. The contour colours are incredible I have the option of the lighter colour for everyday and the darker colour if I want a really chiselled look. They also recommend mixing the two colours for the perfect shade. The highlight is also beautiful and shows up really nicely on my skin tone however I feel like it’s very subtle on my skin but also just a little bit too cool toned for my skin and I prefer a warmer highlight. The blush was a disappointment in this palette, it just doesn’t show up at all on my skin. The colour is like non-existent and it leaves a lot of shimmer on my skin which makes it look like I put highlight everywhere. I think the blush could have been a lot more pigmented as this is the medium to deep palette. I am in the middle of the spectrum of skin tones, right in between medium and dark, so for it to not show up on my skin then there is no hope for my deeper skin tones ladies which is really sad. However I would recommend this palette considering it is affordable and good quality.

Price: R275

Shade Adjusting Drops

The shade adjusting drops was all the rave when they first came out, no makeup brand had thought of the concept before this. Basically the drops could be added to either lighten a foundation  or darken it depending on the drops that you choose. The white drops is used to lighten and the brown drops is used to darken. I have tried the white drops by mixing them into a foundation but it took away the yellow undertones of the foundation and made it more pink so therefore I never bought it. The darkening drops also changed the undertones of the foundation and made it more grey and ashy. However I ended up using the darkening drops for another purpose which is cream contouring. This makes a perfect contouring shade that looks natural but also chiselled at the same time. It blends like a dream as well. The only issue is the dropper on this product it is very messy but if you can look past that it is absolutely worth the splurge.

Price: R300

Liquid Creams

The liquid creams are incredible and are my go to liquid lippies when I am looking for a good lipstick day. I adore everything about these lippies from the formulation, which is moussey and lightweight, to the scent which smells like vanilla cupcakes. The pigmentation is also incredible in these lippies, one swipe is enough to last an entire day even through eating and drinking. There are 12 shades in the range varying from nudes to bold, bright colours so there is something for everyone. Not to mention they are really affordable. I can’t rave enough about these. You just have to try them for yourself.

Price: R85

Gel Pen Eyeliner

I happened to buy this eyeliner on a whim, there was a 3 for 2 sale on makeup and this was the third item that I purchased. I do like this eyeliner but prefer to keep it in my handbag for touch ups. It is very black and creamy however it transfers for me and I end up with raccoon eyes by the end of the day. This eyeliner is great for someone with sensitive eyes or contact wearers as this will not irritate the eye. I think if this is set in place with a black eye shadow it won’t budge but this is not practical for my everyday needs. I feel like there are other liners that do a better job and that are more affordable. There are 3 shades in total with this eyeliner which are black, brown and turquoise.

Price: R135

So that brings me to the end of part 3. Be sure to check out Part 1 and 2 below to catch up on all The Body Shop goodness.

Part 1 :

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Stay Glam XOXO

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