The Body Shop Product Loves and Misses – Part 2 Makeup

Hi my Angels

Welcome to Part 2 of The Body shop Loves and Misses series.

So this week is all about the makeup. Now as previously mentioned, I have a crazy love for The body Shop. I tend to constantly waltz into the store to see what is new on the shelves or if there are any interesting promotions or sales. I absolutely love the La Lucia branch as all the girls know me and I get that special attention that I need since I always have a ton of questions to ask. If I didn’t mention in the previous post then one of the reasons that I like The body Shop products is that they are made from natural ingredients as well as they are cruelty free.

The makeup section in The body Shop has come a long way since inception. I remember walking in around 5 or 6 years ago and there was a very limited selection to choose from, also the colour selection for deeper skin tones was well…non-existent. To add to the damage the price was considerably high when compared to other brands that offered more of a selection at the time. But over the past 2 years The Body Shop have really stepped up their game in the makeup industry and have come up with new and innovative make up releases and concepts. Their products, prices and quality have become reasonable and comparable to higher end products.


The Fresh Nude Foundation

So as mentioned, this post is all about the makeup so why not start with the base of all of makeup, foundation (that was really dry, I know). The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation is an absolutely beautiful foundation, if you looking for a sheer to medium coverage foundation with a beautiful dewy finish then this is your answer. This foundation is a relatively new range for The Body Shop having released last year March. The range has 16 shades in total so you are bound to find your perfect match. I love using this foundation on days that I am looking for more of a natural skin-like finish to my skin. The foundation has an SPF 15 too so it’s perfect for during the day. I find that this foundation is best applied with a brush as a sponge sheers out the foundation too much causing it to look blotchy. I have combination dry skin and this foundation does not leave my skin feeling tight or dry however even if I set this foundation with powder I notice that my T zone still gets slightly oily, but nothing that little dab of powder can’t fix.

Price: R295 for 30ml

Instaglow CC Cream

DSC_0068 (1)

The instaglow CC Cream in the shade peachy glow is for light to medium skin, there are 3 shades in the range for other skin tones. This is a CC cream which means that it is colour correcting cream which aids in combating darkness. It also has an SPF 20 and is said to moisturise the skin, reduce pores and illuminate the skin which makes this product look great in theory. However this product was a major miss for me and just did not work, no matter which way I tried using it. It feels thick and heavy on the skin and makes my skin feel almost dry. For me the colour correcting properties of this product did not work and caused certain parts of my face to become ashy. I also didn’t like the feel of this product under foundations, it made everything feel heavy and like I was using a ton of product. I even tried to mix this product with other moisturizers and primers but noticed no difference whether I used this product or not.

Price : R195 for 25ml


The Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist


This is not exactly makeup but I decided to include it as I use it as more of a setting spray rather than a hydrating mist but it is however a love. The Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist is a lovely everyday facial setting mist, it does not really extend the longevity of my makeup but it does however take away the cakiness and helps my makeup look more skin-like. I repurchased this again recently and realized my love for this product again. For me personally I would say that this product is almost a dupe for Mac Fix plus and is great for everyday use, it not only does almost the same thing but is lower in price so that’s an added bonus. This product can also been used as a hydrating mist during the day as way to freshen up makeup. I have also used this mist as a way to keep cool during a hot summers day and it is lovely to take on a holiday where there is a warmer climate.

Price: R180 for 100ml


The Body Shop Makeup Brushes

The Body Shop Makeup Brushes released this year in South Africa and let me say these things are amazing. There are 8 brushes in the range with everything from face brushes to eye shadow brushes. These brushes are super soft and make putting on makeup a breeze. These brushes are cruelty free which is an added bonus so you know that nothing cute and fuzzy was hurt to make these. As you can tell from the pictures these brushes get a lot of love from me. They are in my everyday makeup kit and also always come along with me when I travel. I don’t have the entire collection as I had other brushes which served the same purpose however the ones that I do have are amazing. They pick up product well and blend them easily. I also have not had a problem with shedding and they are easy to clean as well. The look of these brushes with the wooden handle make the brushes look very high-end so the price that they go for is pretty reasonable considering the quality.

Second picture from left to right:

Shadow Blending Brush R125

Flat Shader Brush R125

Pointed Highlighter Brush R180

Angled Blush Brush R180

Foundation Buffing Brush R180


The Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Primer


The Tea Tree Pore Minimizing primer was a product that was recommended to me by one of the girls at The Body Shop as I was in search of a primer. This product for my skin type was a miss. I initially used this primer on my entire face and found that it dried my skin out and made my foundation bunch up in certain places. It also exaggerated dry spots on my face. I, then tried it again on just the T zone which is the region of my face with the most pores. However this product somehow made my skin look dry and oily at the same time which looked terrible. I eventually gave up this product all together and have not repurchased this product again. I would however recommend this for a person with very oily skin as this does have a matte finish to it and might help reduce the oil.

Price: R170 for 30ml


The Camomile Cleasing oil and Cleansing Balm

DSC_0055 (1) 

Lastly I wanted to feature the Camomile makeup remover range. This is also not a makeup item but at the end of the day we all need something to remove our makeup with so why not include it here. I found this range when I was on the lookout for an affordable oil based cleanser and makeup remover. There are a lot on the market now but they are very expensive for some reason. I usually use an oil based cleanser and makeup remover when I wear a lot of makeup or if I’m using a mascara that is a pain to remove. The Camomile silky cleansing oil was my first purchase and I loved this product however my only gripe with the product was that it left a little bit of makeup residue so I had to go over my skin with micellar water on a cotton pad. As well as it was not travel friendly and having to dispense this into another container and back seemed to much of a schlep for me. So that’s when I found the cleansing balm and oh my word this stuff has changed my life. It makes taking off my makeup a breeze so much so that even if I come home after a late night I don’t mind going through the process. The cleansing balm is a hardened version of the oil and is more compact for travel as it’s in a tin that won’t leak. I also seem to use a lot less of this product in comparison to the oil so the balm has actually lasted longer. To use this product grab a little bit on your finger and rub into your palms and then into the face. I like to leave this on my eyes while massaging my face with the rest of the product as it breaks down the eye makeup, making it easier to remove. I then wash off with water and go in with my face wash after. The balm unlike the cleansing oil takes off all my makeup and I am left with squeaky clean skin. Also if you girls want to see a skin care or makeup removal routine in upcoming blogs then let me know in the comments.


Cleansing Balm: R190 for 90ml

Cleansing Oil: R190 for 200ml

This is the end of Part 2. Next week in Part 3 I go more in-depth into The Body Shop makeup range featuring everything from Liquid Lippies to contour kits. Be sure to check it out and let me know what products you want to see me review and try.

Stay Glam XOXO

Be sure to check out Part 1 of my body shop series under latest posts 

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