New Drugstore Releases

So my first blog post, I didn’t know where to start, the procrastination was real

So my first blog post, I didn’t know where to start, the procrastination was real and everything seemed to be stopping me. However I got over my head space and here we are. I hope you enjoy.

Being a self proclaimed beauty addict, I take it upon myself to raid the isles of Dischem and Clicks to see whats new on the shelves. Many of times there is not much happening but recently there have been all sorts of new products hitting the shelves and I can definitely say that I am excited.

I recently went on an unexpected drug store haul and managed to scoop a range of products that seem to be new. South Africa unfortunately seems to get the short half of the stick in terms of makeup. Make up brands are very limited as well as the ranges within the brand are limited as well. I wish it were the opposite as we have so many different skin colours and types (we aren’t called the rainbow nation for nothing), which make up brands should have taken advantage of. Things seem to be looking up for us a little, it seems, so rant over…for now.

For those that do not know me, I am indian and have a deeper skin tone. My shade reference in Mac is an inbetween NC 42 and NC 45. So thus being the caramel, toffee goodness that I am, some shades are a hit and some are a major miss so please bear that in mind, the shades and products that don’t work for me, may work for you so carry on doing that, my blog is just a guide to help people and give them a more informed approach to a product or topic.

So onto the haul, I manged to pick up quite a few new launches from Revlon and a some from Maybelline.



Shades from top to bottom: 705, 710, 720 and 730

A week ago when walking into Dischem I noticed a new display and saw that they had new cream eye shadows. I immediately had to swatch and feel these for myself and headed straight for the testers. There are 12 cream eye shadows in total but I only picked up four that I thought would be the colours that I am most likely to use. I picked up shades 705, 710, 720 and 730. There are names for these shadows however they are on the outer plastic which I threw away. The eye shadows are super creamy and are very pigmented, they are very similar to Macs paintpots. I love the ease of these shadows, they blend really well with powder shadows and are great on their own. However I have very oily eyelids and eye shadows naturally crease for me so I recommend using an eye shadow primer so that these glide on and don’t budge. They retail for R89,99 in Dischem and R99,99 in Red Square.



The second item I picked up from Revlon was this Revlon Irresistible kiss balm. There are six different flavours of this balm, if I am not mistaken, and all of them smell delicious. I only bought one flavour to try out, which was the shade sweet cherry, and I must say I’m not very impressed. Apart from the smell and SPF factor being the only things I liked, the product is not very hydrating at all. It leaves a slight stain on the lips but doesn’t last long. Being a balm, it leaves a glossy look to the lips. I would suggest to stick to the normal Labello or Lip Ice range instead of forking out R54,95 for this unless there is a particular scent or shade you fancy.





The Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquers are also new at the drugstore and I must admit these are incredible. I only have 2 shades out of the 6 shades (There could be more) that they brought out but after testing them I want them all, I do hope that they are consistent throughout the range. The shades that I have are Retro which is a vampy red-brown and Charmer which is soft pink. Retro I can pull off on its own and sometimes pair it with a lighter lipstick however Charmer makes me look washed out on its own and I have to use a lip liner or another lipstick under. They feel like a gloss on the lips but are extremely pigmented and opaque, you just need one swipe across the lips. When they dry down a little they turn into more of cream finish with a shine which reminds me a little of true melted down cream lipstick. They are not sticky or tacky and are actually very hydrating. These can be used on their own or as a gloss on top of another product.

I also saw that Maybelline brought out blush and bronzer pallets but I didn’t pick them up. Let me know if you would like me to do a review on these.

So these are my new drugstore finds, let me know if you girls see anything new at the drugstore that you would like me to test and review, I would love to hear from you.

Stay Glam XOXO

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